Financing options for your dream property

Real Estate is costly. Sometimes, buyers need to finance their purchases through different sources to invest in their dream property. Financing options refers to the borrowing of funds with a promise to pay back the borrowed amount with an interest after a stipulated time.

Here is a list of some financing options for you:

  • Home loans: A loan to purchase a house for residential purposes. At, we have tie-ups with some of the best banks and free expert consultation to provide a hassle-free experience for you. The RBI has also reduced the home loan interest rates to the lowest in 15 years amid the pandemic.
  • Loan against property: It is given around 50-60% of the property’s market value. Here the borrower puts up a residential or commercial property as collateral to get lower EMIs.
  • Mortgages: A mortgage is given by banks, mortgage company or financial institutions. The borrower gets the ownership only after he/she has paid off the lender in full until then the lender retains the title to the property.
  • Promoters funding: Promoters funding is a financial provision offered by banks and NBFCs to promoters of a company. The provision is a secured loan and hence needs collateral. The collateral can be from the existing company or any other company’s shares you own.
  • Loan Against Securities: It is typically offered as an overdraft facility in your account after you have deposited your securities. You can draw money from the account, and you pay interest only on the loan amount you use and for the period you use it. For example, you are offered a loan against shares of Rs 2 lakhs. Let’s say, you draw Rs 50,000 and deposit the amount back in your account in one month. In this case, you are liable to pay interest only for one month on Rs 50,000.

Other than Home loans, we also provide assistance with business loans, Loan against property and Personal loans. We can provide funding facilities in association with HDFC bank, ICICI bank, PNB housing, IIFL home loans, IDFC bank, Aditya Birla Finance, SBI card and many more. You can also avail the services of our partner dealers without any cost to make your dream purchase happen.


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