We moved to big cities in hopes of living better lives, and we have certainly been able to do so. However, there is another side to this story. As residents of big cities, we also face certain challenges, pollution being the biggest one. Poor air quality in cities such as Delhi adversely impacts the health of its residents, for example. Sensing a great business opportunity here, many companies have launched air purifier that would help you breathe in the fresh air. Recently, some of the foreign brands have launched their specialized range in India at a very affordable cost to cater to the growing demand. Though buying an air purifier may put the burden on your pockets, renting a one can be a solution.

In case you are interested, these could be your options:


This is one of the popular names for renting air purifiers for residential use at a reasonable cost of Rs 4,500-6,000 per month, depending upon the grade and quality you are picking. You can inquire about the brand and features of the purifiers available with them. The most common ones are those which are noiseless, have replaceable filters and adjustable fan speed. Portea offers Philips air purifiers in all major cities as well as Tier-II cities of India.

Grab On Rent

GrabOnRent provides eight variants of Honeywell Air Purifiers on rent in Bengaluru and Hyderabad cities. The devices are portable and can cater to rooms from 300 sqft to 1,100 sqft with the monthly rent starting at just Rs 1,299 per month. Honeywell with its patented three-layer filtration technique claims to eliminate as high as 98 percent of harmful pollutants, dust causing allergens, and other harmful particles that are a leading cause of respiratory and cardiovascular issues, especially amongst children and elderly.

Air Expert India

This is a Delhi-based company offering air purifier rental service for residential and commercial purposes at Rs 6,000 per month. You can book the product demo for a better understanding of the product and its working. The company offers commercial, humidifier, data centre and residential air purifier at the same cost. For residential use, brands like Philips and Atlanta are available at the same price.

Benefits of renting air purifiers

  1. You can try the product before actually buying it. This would make you more familiar with the technology and its uses.
  2. Renting does not involve capital investment. It is much easier on your pocket.
  3. You can also use premium products at a nominal rent.
  4. Most of the rental companies offer door-step service.
  5. You can check out the latest technology available in the market and actual results.

Things to know before renting

  1. Make sure the product is in working condition.
  2. Check out the terms and conditions regarding product servicing, part replacement, etc.
  3. Understand the different functions and features of the product to avoid mishandling.
  4. Check the specifications of the air-purifier to see whether it has high-efficiency particulate air or HEPA filter. HEPA filters remove small particulate matter (PM2.5 and less) from the air that can go deep into the lungs and cause respiratory problems 
  5. Air purifier must have activated charcoal to remove harmful gases and pre-filter to remove the large matter from the air
  6. Avoid purifiers that have negative ions, photocatalytic oxidation, UV lights as they give out ozone as a by-product which is harmful to the lungs.



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