Home-Staging Mistakes Seller Must Avoid

Are you all set to put your home on the market for sale? You need to dress up the property to make it look appealing to potential homebuyers. While you are staging your home for upcoming visits by buyers, here are some commonly made mistakes you must avoid.

Not knowing your audience

One of the most critical steps you should take before staging your property is to know the kind of homebuyers that are likely to pay visit. This would depend on the size, location and price of the property. For instance, you are expecting families to come, stage the property in such a way that every member can see themselves settling in there. In case your potential buyers are single professionals, make space look minimal and smart.

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Not taking before-&-after pictures

It is important to take before and after picture as you proceed with the staging. That will help you as well as the buyers a great deal. In case you have designed a home office which this particular visitor does not want, for example, they could look at the “before” photo and imagine how they would want to use this space.

Going wild, décor-wise

From the house paint to kitchen appliances, a neutral scheme is what a seller must prefer when staging his property. Bold choices in those areas would make the property look too personal, making it difficult for the buyer to use his imagination. The seller has to make sure the property does carry his signature style too vividly and vivaciously.

Ignoring the little imperfections

Most property owners are misled to believe that their asset would sell itself. So what if it seems cluttered? So what if there is a musty smell all over? Buyers are not going to mind such small imperfections in a great property, are they? They answer is, they certainly would. Why so? Imagine you being in their place. If you have to pick between two properties, one which was great but is not presented property and another which is great and is also presented properly, which one would you go for? Most certainly, the second one! The market is full of people trying to sell their property, and they are willing to go that extra mile to sell fast. So must you!



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