Rent Agreement + Furniture List Sample Format


This Rent Agreement made at Delhi on this ____ day of ___________, 202   between Sh.  (Owner Name)     S/o    (Father’s Name) _   R/o     (residence address)   hereinafter called the Lessor, expression shall unless repugnant to the context or meaning hereof, mean and include his heirs, successors, legal representatives, executors and assigns) of ONE PART.


Sh. (Lessee Name)        s/o   Lessee’s Father    r/o  _____Lessee’s Resi Add____ ___________________________ ________________  hereinafter called the Lessee of the OTHER PART)


1.       That the Lessor is the legal and right full owner of __(Add of the property to be rented out) __ hereby Rent by these to the Lessee of the above said property.

2.       That the Lessee agrees to hold the said premises with appurtenance for a period of 11 months commencing from _____Dated_____ upto _____ Dated______ And the Lessee shall use the demised premises for Residential purpose only.

3.       That the Lessee to pay the Lessor during the term a monthly rent of Rs. __Rent Amount______/- (Rupees ___ Rent Amount in words___ Only) per month on the ____th day of each English Calendar month.

4.       That the second party have deposited a sum of Rs. __Security Depot_/- (Rupees ___ SD in words____ Only) as security which will be interest free refunded at the time of vacating the premises after deducting arrears of electricity, water sewerage charges bills and any dues.

5.       That the Lessee shall pay for electricity & water charges as per the reading of the Meter or the bills issued against the consumption of electricity & water by the concerned authorities.

6.       That the lessee shall at the time of occupation see that all the sanitary, electrical and other fittings and fixtures are in perfect condition., The Lessee shall be responsible for any damage or breakage done to the bill date or the fittings and fixtures during its tenancy. Natural wear and tear and the damage caused to the property due to riot, commotion, natural calamities earthquake exempted.

7.       That the Lessee shall permit the Lessor his/her agents etc. to enter upon the leased premises for inspection and carrying out repairs etc. at reasonable time as and when necessary.

8.       That the Lessee shall not carry out any additions or alterations or structural changes in the demised premises without the written consent of the Lessors & the Lessee shall be responsible for any type of legal liability.

9.       That the Lessee shall comply with all abide by all the rules and regulations of the local authorities and the government, which may be enforced from time to time.

10.   That the Lessee shall ensure that all the sanitary and other fittings and fixtures are used only for the purpose of which they are designed and iproper manner in which they are not damaged.

11.   That any damage to the building like making glass of doors and windows sanitary and electrical fittings will be borne by the lessee who will replace the same or make good by the Lessee by paying adequate compensation thereof to the lessor.

12.   That on the expiry of lease period of 11 months the lessee shall vacate the demised premises and handover the vacant and peaceful possession to the Lessor without any delay. With the mutual consent of both parties the lease can be extended for another 11 months with increase of 10 % in the monthly rent.

13.   It is further provided that in case the Lessee on the expiry of the Lease continues to remain in possession of the demised premises and does not hand over vacant and peaceful possession to the Lessor and damages for a period of such and additional stay. This liability will be in addition to the lease amount of the demised premises and the right to cause disconnection of electricity and water in the premises shall be within the Lessor solely.

14.   That if the lessee wants to vacate the premises before 11 months he will be required to intimate the Lessor at least one month in advance in writing and vice versa.

15.   That if the tenant vacates the premises before 6 months security will be forfeited.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF this agreement is signed by the contracting parties on the day month and the year first mentioned above.




1.                                                                                               LESSOR (FIRST PARTY)




2.                                                                                               LESSEE (SECOND PARTY)



Furniture List


2 Ceiling Fans (Crompton Gravies), 1 Exhaust Fan (Khaitan), 1 Refrigerator (210 ltrs. – Alwin Co.), 1 Iron Almirah (3 Compartments), 2 Plastic Chairs (Supreme Co.), 1 Centre Table of 2’x3’, 2 Bed with Bed sheets, 2 Mattresses, 2 Pillows, 3 Curtains, Texcla LCD TV 24” with Airtel disk Installed no. 3017884374, Gas Chulah, HP Gas Cylinder with Regulator, 2 Night lamps, 2 CFL, 4 Tube light set, 1Guiser (instant 6 ltrs.), 1.5 Ton AC, 1 Su-kamTubular battery with invertor machine etc.


All the above said items/electronic gadgets have been checked and found in good condition at time of letting out/signing of contract of the said property. In case of any repair of any above items is sought, the lessee will have to bear the expenses to repair it and the lessee will hand over the above items in good condition as he/she received to the lessor/owner of the house at the time of terminating of contract.


The electricity meter reading as on date (00-00-2020) is _______. Electricity charges will be required to be paid at the end of every month according to English calendar at the Rate of Rs. 9 per unit.


Water Charges: Rs. _____ per month.                                                                                  


 Dated – 00/00/202


(Sh.  –Lessee Name–)





( Sh. – Owner Name–)