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Aug 24
Impact of corona virus on the real estate business in India.

Impact of corona virus has been hazardous. China was widely COVID positive in December 2019, India was positive by March 2020. That is when the Prime minister announced nationwide lockdown. However, the lockdown was an effective decision without a doubt, if we consider the aspect of the health of the people, but it affected numerous […]

Aug 23
What are Circle Rates in Gurgaon?

The Haryana Government sets the circle rates in Gurgaon through the registrar or sub-registrar office. It states the minimum amount for purchase or registration of properties. Stamp and registration charges have to be paid according to the Circle rates or the transaction value, whichever is higher. If you want to avail loan against property, you […]

Aug 01
Future of Real Estate Post COVID-19

COVID-19 has created an unprecedented challenge for the world. The Economy of all the countries have been highly impacted and the effect is visible in almost every sector. Real Estate is no exception to this. It contributed near to 7% of Indian GDP and had almost 15% of labor employed in it. More than 250 […]

May 12
10 Best Books on Real Estate Investing

If you are looking for Top and Best Books on Real Estate Investing, then you are at the right place. We have compiled a list of best Books on Real Estate Investment after deep research. We have also provided you direct links to purchase the ebook for the same. SO, let’s start exploring Top 10 […]

Sep 08
Online Property Registration in Delhi 2020 – Complete Procedure

The new process of online property registration in Delhi has helped people get things in no time. The old traditional way was time-consuming and complicated; the Delhi government introduced an online registration portal to ease the procedure for registration of property in the city. To know more about the online property registration process in Delhi, read […]

Sep 04
What is Ready Reckoner Rate

A Ready Reckoner Rate (RRR) is the standard value of an immovable property assessed and regulated by the respective State government in which the property is established. Here, the word immovable property encompasses residential property, commercial property, and land/plot. In a bid to ensure an accurate valuation of real estate properties, all the State governments […]

Aug 23
Stamp Duty: What are its Rates & Charges on Property?

The government levies a compulsory tax on the transfer of rights in a property, known as ‘stamp duty’. We examine how it is calculated and ways to save money on this tax amount The government levies a tax when there is a transaction of property (i.e., when a property changes hands, from the seller to […]

Aug 22
Capital gains tax implications on properties transferred under family arrangements/settlements

What is a family settlement and how does it impact your tax liability, with respect to the properties that are involved in the settlement? We explain… Disputes, settlements and arrangements within a family over property, have been a part of human civilisation. The war of Mahabharat happened due to a family dispute over property, which […]

Aug 22
Important points to consider, while making a will

While bequeathing an immovable property through a will, a testator should clearly specify the share of each person to the exclusion of others, in order to avoid disputes Proper succession planning is very important to ensure that the assets owned by you, including any house property, are properly inherited by the people to whom you […]

Aug 21
How will GST and TDS impact rental income

Rental properties are presently subject to service tax, under certain conditions. We examine how the proposed Goods and Services Tax and the provisions for tax deduction at source, will impact one’s rental income The rental income from a real estate investment, is taxed under the head ‘Income from House property’ under the income tax laws, […]