The new process of online property registration in Delhi has helped people get things in no time. The old traditional way was time-consuming and complicated; the Delhi government introduced an online registration portal to ease the procedure for registration of property in the city. To know more about the online property registration process in Delhi, read on here.

Online Property registration in Delhi is a crucial part of a real estate transaction as only a well-executed registration permits the transfer rights to the buyer and proves his legal ownership of the property. However, it has been noticed that most of the buyers avoid registering their properties because of its time consuming, lengthy and complicated record-keeping process. So, to encourage property registration amongst the real estate buyers in Delhi, the State government initiated an online cataloging process. The virtual portal is a lot simpler and has a user-friendly approach.

Here is a guide to online property registration in Delhi

Create a deed for e-registration of property in Delhi

To prepare a deed for online registration, visit the site –

  • Select a ‘deed writer’ from the menu, and you will be redirected to a page below
  • Select the relevant details through the drop-down menu and submit
Online Property registration in Delhi
Online Property Registration in Delhi

Calculate the property registration charges and stamp duty in Delhi

To calculate the property registration charges and stamp duty in Delhi, visit the website –

  • Select the sub-registrar’s office near the property purchased
  • Fill all the details about the property purchased, including the locality, type of deed and sub-deed’s name
Online Property Registration in Delhi
Online Property Registration in Delhi
Online Property registration in Delhi

The stamp duty and registration charges will be computed based on the locality, consideration amount of the current property transfer, plinth area of the property, parking area and year of construction. Hence, gather all the information beforehand to avoid the hassles later.

Get a stamp paper of the required value

Visit the Stock Holding Corporation of India site – and buy the e-stamp paper of the exact value calculated above.

  • Click on the e-registration service under the e-stamping tab to pay the fee. E-registration is an easy and convenient way to pay the registration and stamp duty to the State government.
  • Once the payment has been completed, save the receipt for future reference.

Get an appointment at the sub-registrar office in Delhi

  • To fix an appointment, visit –
  • Select the sub-registrar’s office in whose jurisdiction your property is located.
  • A series of documents are also required for registration at the sub-registrar’s office. The documents include e-registration receipt, e-stamp paper with the exact value of stamp duty, two passport size photos and others. All the details of the required documents are mentioned in the lower section of the website.
  • If ‘all the mentioned documents are ready’, click on ‘Yes’ and you will be directed to a new page where e-stamp duty number has to be mentioned. The number would verify if the stamp duty has been paid or not.
  • After the verification process is complete, you will receive a message about your appointment with the sub-registrar.
  • The details of the appointment are e-mailed and messaged on the registered mobile number.
Online Property Registration in Delhi
Online Property Registration in Delhi

Visit the sub-registrar’s office for property registration in Delhi

  • Visit the sub-registrar’s office on the allotted date and time along with the appointment SMS.
  • Present the documents mentioned above at the facilitation counter.
  • Once all the documents are verified, and the process is complete, collect the registration receipt for future reference. The registration receipt would serve as proof in case a dispute arises in the future.

I hope you find this article on Online Property Registration in Delhi useful.


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