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Aug 27
Home loan and tax benefits if you own multiple homes

Indian law allows a person to own multiple homes. However, for all the properties taken together, the amount of home loan available to you will depend on various factors. You are entitled to certain tax benefits for buying, building, renovating, or repairing a house property. This is with respect to the interest paid on borrowed […]

Aug 23
What are Circle Rates in Gurgaon?

The Haryana Government sets the circle rates in Gurgaon through the registrar or sub-registrar office. It states the minimum amount for purchase or registration of properties. Stamp and registration charges have to be paid according to the Circle rates or the transaction value, whichever is higher. If you want to avail loan against property, you […]

Aug 23
Circle rates in Delhi

What is circle rate? Circle rates are minimum rates for property registration transactions notified by the sub-registrar or registrar’s office. It is different for each place and varies according to the place. In this article we will be taking a look at the circle rates of Delhi. Significance of circle rate Circle rates are significant […]

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Jun 12
Revolution Needed in The Property Dealing Space In India

Addressing the students concern College days are one of the liveliest and enriching experience for every individual.The USP of it is students tend to learn more outside the class than what knowledge they consume inside the class. It’s a phase where a boy/girl moves beyond his/her comfort zone and explore the world and gradually learn […]

Sep 08
Online Property Registration in Delhi 2020 – Complete Procedure

The new process of online property registration in Delhi has helped people get things in no time. The old traditional way was time-consuming and complicated; the Delhi government introduced an online registration portal to ease the procedure for registration of property in the city. To know more about the online property registration process in Delhi, read […]

Sep 08
Stamp Duty in Delhi

If you are looking to know Stamp Duty in Delhi then you are at the right place. Generally, stamp duty charges and property registration fees differ from one State to another. These charges are levied at the time of registration of a property. Paying such charges authenticates a homebuyers’ ownership of the property. Hence, it […]

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Sep 04
What is Ready Reckoner Rate

A Ready Reckoner Rate (RRR) is the standard value of an immovable property assessed and regulated by the respective State government in which the property is established. Here, the word immovable property encompasses residential property, commercial property, and land/plot. In a bid to ensure an accurate valuation of real estate properties, all the State governments […]

Sep 04
Hidden cost of buying a Home, Flat or Apartment

There are several charges that go into making the total cost of an apartment. From parking space charges to club membership costs, here is more. We have compiled a list of the general hidden cost of buying a home, flat or apartment. One must be aware that there are several hidden cost of buying a […]

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Aug 23
Stamp Duty: What are its Rates & Charges on Property?

The government levies a compulsory tax on the transfer of rights in a property, known as ‘stamp duty’. We examine how it is calculated and ways to save money on this tax amount The government levies a tax when there is a transaction of property (i.e., when a property changes hands, from the seller to […]

Aug 22
Important points to consider, while making a will

While bequeathing an immovable property through a will, a testator should clearly specify the share of each person to the exclusion of others, in order to avoid disputes Proper succession planning is very important to ensure that the assets owned by you, including any house property, are properly inherited by the people to whom you […]